Instructions how make the dump HASP 4/HASP HL



All actions must be performed on Windows XP or Windows 7 32 bit.


Example for a key with passwords 0x73ED 0x43AD   


In order to get  the dump of the key, it is necessary that the HASP HL key drivers are installed.


Drivers usually integrate into a distribution with a secure application and are already available in the system.


Also they can be downloaded here:

Insert the key into the computer and check that it is defined in the system.

Download   the data logger program (Logger):

We take here: hasploger.rar

All utilities are laid out in the archives with the password:

In the archive with the logger there is a file vcredist_x86.exe - these are the libraries necessary for its operation,   for correct operation of the logger, they must be installed

Then go to the folder with the logger and run the   file haSploGer.exe

The window should appear as in the picture below .

Then we run the protected program and work in it a little.

In the right area of ​​the logger, the following lines will appear (you need to scroll the list to the very top):



Where (for example) 0x73ED and 0x43AD - the passwords for your key, write them out.  

Then save the log, in the logger menu, press File -> Save, and save it as Log.txt


Now you can close the logger.

Now we need to make a dump of the key, we take the key dumper here: hasphldmp.rar

All utilities are laid out in the archives with the password:


And run h5dmp.exe from the command line as follows: 

h5dmp.exe 0x73ED 0x43AD  

Or open the attached file
Dump.bat, replace the lines 0x1234 0x5678 with our passwords 0x73ED 0x43AD  


------------------- Here is an example of ------------------------


h5dmp.exe 0x73ED 0x43AD  



The file needs to be saved and then run ...

If done correctly, the dumper will create two hasp files.dmp and hhl_mem.dmp (or only one hasp.dmp file )


Then collect all the files with the logger the Log.txt and hasp dumps.dmp and hhl_mem.dmp (or only one hasp.dmp file )


Everything is archived and sent to the address

And not forget send a link to the protected program.


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