Accepted for the study program using electronic protection keys

Hasp SRM / Sentinel HASP, Wibu Box,  Eutron Smartkey, Guardant, Rockey4ND, TDI Matrix Dongle, Marx CryptoBox.

as well as programs with other types of electronic keys or other types of protection.



You can order from us the creation of a software emulator for the protection key, for a program that uses protection with an electronic hardware key.

Here are the necessary utilities for working with keys and for removing the dump (backup) of memory from various types of keys.

To order, you need to specify in the letter the name of the program, specify under which operating system it

will be used, specify the type of the key and send a dump of its memory.

The utility will determine the type of your key: USB Keys Finder


All utilities are laid out in the archives with the password: 

To create a working solution requires a distribution program using the key.

The distribution can be laid out with a password in the archive on any file exchange such as:

 http //

And the like ...

An application for the research of the program can be left written in a working e-mail .

It is desirable to send data removed from the key in an attachment to the letter.

In the very near future we will contact you ...


ICQ: 665105782



Instructions for data collection from different types of keys:

Aladdin Sentinel HASP/SRM+ WBAES


Aladdin Hardlock/EYE

Feitian Rockey 2/Secure Dongle X

Feitian Rockey 4ND/HID

TDI Matrix Dongle

Marx CriptoBox Dongle

Microcosm Dinkey Dongle

Sentinel Hardware Key

Sentinel SuperPro/UltraPro

Guardant Stealth I/II

Eutron Smartkey 3



Warranties and technical support.

We guarantee complete confidentiality and non-distribution of any data received from the customer for testing software. 
All materials after the transfer to the customer are removed from our computers immediately or after the expiration of the technical support (or at the request of the customer). 
Technical support for all types of work performed is free of charge within 6 months after the execution of the order. 
Further technical support is provided on a contractual basis.


We do not distribute software and utilities for hacking by (crack, patches, serial number generators, etc.). You can use our services only if you are a developer of a particular software or their representative, or a licensed user (when ordering an electronic key backup). All information and materials (utilities and on), located on the site, are for informational and cognitive purposes and can only be used for self-testing of their software products. Any use of materials from the site for acts that violate the laws of the Russian Federation (the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, the RF Law "On Copyright and Related Rights", etc.), as well as the laws of other countries, is prohibited.